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SuperMedia March 2011 Newsletter

By Thryv Contributor | 04.01.11 | 4 min read

March 2011

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Small business marketing articles
Crafting Sales in a Tough Market
Selling success can be seasonal. It can be dependent on the features of the product, the needs of the customer, or the drive of the salesperson. Selling almost never exists in a vacuum. The last few years have been hard on wholesale and retail sales alike and it doesn’t look like there’ll be a big turnaround any time soon. Succeeding and even surviving in the current sales climate will ultimately be a function of adapting and crafting sales out of weak prospects and with scanty encouragement. …

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Is Upselling Working for Your Small Business?
Upselling is a tried and true method for increasing revenue and enhancing customer service. It’s as deeply entrenched in the culture of selling as the business card, and almost as ubiquitous. Check any beginning sales course and the tactic of piggybacking additional complementary items onto a transaction or enticing the customer to opt for the next most expensive model, brand, or version will be front and center on the syllabus. As a business owner, upselling has big potential benefits. …

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Industry news

Establishing Two-Way Conversations in Social Media

Today’s tech-savvy consumers want to connect with your business, rather than just read about it online. You still have to provide good customer service and a great shopping experience, but you need to engage them and connect with them, so they know you care about your customers and the business they bring you. That’s why you need to learn how to create two-way conversations to connect with your social media followers…

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What Do Your Client and Prospecting Communications Say About Your Business?
Every communication you send out to your clients and prospects, from direct mail pieces to simple emails, says something about your business. Do you maintain a consistent brand across all your business communications? Are your emails full of typos? Do you communicate too much or too little, too frequently or …

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