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The Mediamorphosis of Dex One

By Thryv Contributor | 04.04.12 | 1 min read

Dex One is on the leading edge of “mediamorphosis” – a term used by Borrell Associates in their most recent report to describe traditional media companies that are transforming to be “more like boutique digital agencies than ad-sellers.”

Yellow pages, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, cable systems and Internet pure-play companies are all battling to transform and capture a share of an estimated $19.9 billion in local digital advertising this year, according to Borrell’s report. One of the revelations is the fastest transformations is taking place with directory companies.  

Dex One is one of the companies dominating the list of most local online revenues that also reported one-fourth to as much as 50 percent of total gross revenues coming from digital sales. 

Another important fact for Dex One revealed by Borrell is that “when it comes to digital media, size matters – and that size is ‘small.’  Local media companies with one-third the unique visitors of their mass-media website competitors were getting up to three times more revenue than they were.”  Dex One’s digital media includes its proprietary and Dex mobile app in addition to SEO and SEM solutions, digital display ads, reputation builders, videos and more.  Dex One knows consumers are looking for businesses on the online and on mobile devices, and it offers world-class local business marketing solutions for businesses to reach them when they search.