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Dex One’s Atish Banerjea Is Trusted Voice in IT Community

By Thryv Contributor | 04.18.12 | 1 min read

ITworld is a premium community that brings together today’s IT influencers to discuss the hottest and trending IT topics.  They have assembled a great cast of IT leaders, bloggers, and other industry watchers to participate, including Atish Banerjea, Dex One’s SVP & chief technology officer.

Banerjea is among ITworld’s “Trusted Voices,” an exclusive group of nationally recognized and highly respected IT leaders asked to share their expert advice. Banerjea discussed his strategies to successfully manage a high-performing IT team and how those entering the IT profession can experience growth in their careers. Banerjea drives all aspects of Dex One’s digital product development, general IT operations and the company’s IT management strategy to recruit top quality digital product development talent. 

Banerjea explained Dex One’s success in attracting and retaining IT talent has been to create a startup environment in its Santa Monica office and he is making plans to expand to the Bay area to have access to a larger talent pool.  He also advocates using Agile methodologies to foster collaboration between cross-functional teams in software development projects.  Read the full ITworld interview.

Banerjea stresses strategic thinking is essential to his personal career success. He advises fledgling IT pros to follow his example to add value as strategic partners. He told ITworld, “Learning about the business, and being able to ‘speak the language’ of the folks within the businesses can fundamentally change the relationship where the business teams and the IT group now start to interact as peers to work towards a common business goal.”  Read Banerjea’s career advice for new IT professionals.