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Client Testimonials Reveal How Thryv Positively Impacts Small Businesses Across America

By Thryv Contributor | 10.22.21 | 2 min read

DALLAS, TX – October 22, 2021 — Thryv Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:THRY), the provider of Thryv® software, the end-to-end client experience platform for small businesses, is seeing increased usage of its product. As previously shared, the company is seeing dramatic and sustained acceleration in how small businesses are adopting and engaging with its technology. In fact, as reported last week, small business usage of various in-app features has grown as much as +260% throughout 2021.

As Thryv clients use the features more robustly, they find greater value from the software. For example, Thryv is seeing more than a 74% growth in use of appointment scheduling. The use of automated email marketing is up 56% and contactless document storage and sharing is up over 40%. Overall, in 2021, Thryv has seen clients spend 28% more time in the platform.

Clients like Romia Pritchett, owner of RC Auto Detail and Carpet Cleaning in Ft. Collins, CO, for example, is able to efficiently run his multi-location business right from the palm of his hand. In his testimonial video, Romia says that before using Thryv his team used multiple software applications to juggle calendars and appointments with no real visibility or option for collaboration; a different credit card processor and accounting software; even a CRM that lacked the ability to communicate with his clients.

“Thryv has helped me put everything under one platform,” says Romia Pritchett, owner of RC Auto Detail and Carpet Cleaning. “With Thryv it has been much easier to communicate with our clients. [My employees] can also collect payment through text or email right from their phone.”

Thryv’s total number of payment transactions has increased +20%, quarter over quarter. By making business operations like payments contactless and easier to manage, small business owners are able to be more efficient and free-up valuable time.

Using Thryv to run his business and leveraging the custom CRM, Thryv Mobile App, Client Portal, and Automated Campaigns has notably improved operations for Romia. He added, “Thryv has given me the ability to take that weekend trip to the mountains and still know what’s going on inside of my business.

“Thryv has made it easy.”

Thryv has hundreds of clients who share this same experience. In fact, Thryv has published new client testimonials to its website that highlight how its platform aids small business owners in running their companies.

To learn how Thryv helps real business owners across the country improve the way they conduct business, watch Thryv’s client testimonials at

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