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National barter network helping local businesses

By Thryv Contributor | 01.04.10 | 1 min read

Every day, more and more businesses are using SuperTradeExchange® to save cash and get new customers. It makes no difference what you do – plumbing, pest control, printing, doctor, lawyer, resort owner, butcher, baker or candlestick maker – you can benefit from our national barter network. Whether you are one of the thousands of small to medium sized businesses taking advantage of the SuperTradeExchange or are wondering how this would work, I have two great examples to share with you. Gayle Luper owns two boutique resorts on the West Coast of Florida called Siesta Keys and Bungalow Beach. They are the type of small, family-owned resort people love to visit. Nice rooms, on the beach, great service and friendly staff. During the off season many of Gayle’s rooms go unsold. Unfilled rooms mean spending cash to maintain the resort even when it wasn’t booked. Gayle was able to barter her unsold rooms and use her SuperBucksSM to pay for services like sprinkler repair, pool services, painting, printing of brochures, dental work and more. She also received an added benefit new customers who now know about her resort and are telling others. See her story here. Ken Atanat owns the Ink Refill Center. His business rebuilds and refills ink cartridges used in printers. Ken was in need of creating a new website but did not have enough new business to develop it. In less than two months Ken had generated enough SuperBucks business to have his website launched. In addition, Ken now has new SuperTradeExchange customers from outside his local market that he would have never been able to reach in any other way. See his story here.