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SuperMedia November 2010 Newsletter

By Thryv Contributor | 11.09.10 | 3 min read

November 9, 2010

Dear Valued Client,

Want to know the easy way to reach ready-to-buy customers without breaking the bank?
Your friendly neighborhood Superpages® directory.

Latest research shows, users of print directories spend about 25 percent more than the general consumer.i

In addition, businesses are receiving a tremendous return on their print advertising investment by reaching consumers who are going to buy. For every dollar spent on print advertising, companies are receiving – on average – $12.60 returned in salesii and almost 70 percent of consumers using the print yellow pages will contact, visit or make a purchase from an advertising business.iii

You’ve all heard us talk about how clients are experiencing increases in business thanks to advertising in our Superpages directories. Fact is, we’ve seen a 10 percent increase in the amounts of calls our clients are receiving this year over last year from our print advertising.iv

We credit this success to our cape-wearing, shield-donning, peace of mind-giving SuperGuarantee® program that is no laughing matter. Okay, maybe a little bit of a laughing matter.

So, how can I reach these most ready-to-buy customers without breaking the bank? Easy – by spending other people’s money. No, really. Here are two ways:

  • Hundreds of national manufacturers and distributors in hundreds of different specialties – we are talking contractors, optometry, automobile, computers, air conditioning, etc. – set aside millions of dollars for the opportunity to be a part of your local advertising. It is called co-op advertising, costs you absolutely nothing and is easy to do. And we will help you. In 2009 there was $42 billion in co-op funds for businesses to use; $27 billion was spent.v
  • The second way is as simple as referring other businesses to us. Doing so could result in up to a 20 percent credit – based on the amount of your referral’s advertising – that is applied to your bill. You can use it to pay for an existing advertising program or toward additional reach. We call this Share the Wealth and clients are being credited tens of thousands of dollars simply by referring a
    Reach out to your media consultant directly to learn more about these programs or call
    866-91-SUPER (78737) and we will get you in touch with the right person.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.

Best regards,

Sandra Crawford Williamson, Chief Marketing Officer, SuperMedia

November 2010 Features

Superpages Direct Mail’s Unparalleled Reach

A great example of our unparalleled reach occurs when you purchase an exclusive mailer or card pack. In addition to reaching customer mailboxes, your coupon becomes a part of your listing and is accessible on mobile phones and socially on Twitter. Coupon “tweets” are also picked up on Google® and Bing™. To start taking advantage, contact your media consultant directly to learn more about these programs or call 866-91-SUPER (78737).

Direct Mail's Reach

“All the News” to Help Your Business

Want to learn why being active in the community can help your business? Need ideas on how best to handle conflicts at work? How about thoughts on when you should consider expanding your sales team? Our SuperMedia Blog is constantly updated with the latest news for local businesses and includes back issues of all of these newsletters.

“All the News” to Help Your Business

i“Yellow Pages Users Spend More than Average Consumers” – CRM Associates; September 2010. Findings based on Simmons National Consumer Survey.

ii CRM Associates – 2010 Metered Ad Study.

iii 2009 YPA Local Media Tracking Study.

iv SuperMedia Internal Metered Line Database.

v For more information on co-op advertising, click here.

vi For more information on the Share the Wealth Program, click here.