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Today’s service-based small businesses are looking for ways to simplify running their companies while amping up their “woo” factor to captivate customers. From scheduling and manage their jobs to online bookings and payments — the must-have list to cut down unnecessary time is long. After all, that time could be spent with more customers.

Oddly, many businesses believe swapping to robust software is time-consuming and sometimes intimidating, so they either stick to what they know or implement several simpler programs to solve a fraction of their needs.

What small businesses deserve is an easy-to-use platform. One that combines their marketing, payments, social media posting, reviews management and online listings in one place.

We’ll take a look at two options with multiple capabilities: Housecall Pro vs. Thryv, and compare the features offered, ease of use and customer service provided.

What Is Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro, formerly known as Housecall and founded as Codefied, is a software platform that proclaims to be an all-in-one field management system. The company was founded in 2013 by Ian Heidt, the son of a painter, in an attempt to connect home service professionals with new clients and business management tools while also saving time.

The company, that had locally been known for its quick expansion, boasted about their employee increase from 140 people to 210 in 2019. Oddly a lawsuit filed in March of that same year alleged that Housecall Pro violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by attempting to solicit customers without consent. Despite denying any wrongdoing, the company settled and eventually paid out $2.2 million. Shortly after the settlement, the company that once boasted of growth, laid off roughly 43% of the increased staff, claiming company reorganization.

Housecall Pro is designed for consumer-facing businesses of all sizes, but lacks the customer service needed to aid its users. As one user noted after an hour filled with attempts to resolve errors using Housecall Pro’s chat support: “Some issues I have are a complete lack of phone support. I have over a hundred errors that I try to resolve and once I do that, 60 more pop up because the sales tax issue isn’t resolved.”

Housecall Pro FEATURES

Job Management. A feature of all versions of Housecall Pro (Start, Grow, Manage and XL) is job management, which offers the ability to schedule and dispatch jobs and keep customers notified to provide communication from start to finish. A color-coded calendar allows users to easily identify previous and upcoming jobs.

Automation. Housecall Pro’s email and postcard automation allows users to communicate with customers to their inbox and door. Customers must set up the automation processes themselves. This Housecall Pro feature is available to users on the Grow, Manage and XL plans.

Communications. Text messages are housed in the messages tab of the app and can be accessed within the job, along with private notes and the ability to send progress texts to alert customers of when a technician is on the way, at the beginning of the service and once it’s complete. This feature allows Housecall Pro app users to use premade, yet customizable, templates to message customers.

Appointments. Users can attach a scheduling button to their websites and Facebook for online booking. To manage appointment scheduling, a business owner has access to a color-coded calendar to which they can add clients to and add services. This initiates a text invoice and notification of upcoming service for the customer. A sales proposal tool comes with Housecall Pro’s XL plan, however, users of other plans would need to pay a $40 monthly add-on fee for that feature.

Invoices & Payments. With Housecall Pro, all invoice line items and payments automatically push to use Quickbook accounts, however, users must be on either the Grow, Manage or XL plan for this integration. Housecall Pro’s Instapay allows business owners to collect credit card payments in the field and have the funds deposited into their bank account within 30 minutes at the cost of 1% + your card processing fee. Quotes and invoices can be created and sent in all versions of Housecall Pro, but setting up recurring service is only included in the XL plan. All other Housecall Pro users who’d like that feature would need to pay a $40 monthly add-on fee.

Housecall Pro PRICING

Housecall Pro’s general pricing is as follows:

Start: $49/mo, includes 1 user

Grow: $109/mo, includes 1-5 users

Manage: $199/mo, includes 1-9 users

XL: Contact Housecall Pro for pricing

Additional users and contacts can be added, starting at an additional $30 per month for each additional user. A 14-day trial is available.

Housecall Pro REVIEWS: What customers* are saying

“The expense for what is offered does seem excessive. My biggest pet peeve is they add on ‘features,’ but never once have those features been fully useable or robust once they release them. They’re a lukewarm attempt so they can create a cash grab.” – Administrator in construction, verified user, G2 review, Dec. 2, 2020

Pros: Users praise the ease of scheduling, dispatching workers and invoicing customers. CRM users find the centralized information has helped streamline leads and sales activities.

Cons: Features that are presented as available but are actually coming soon are frustrating. Inability to customize invoicing leaving businesses to appear unprofessional. Chat bubble support offers little to no way of escalating problems to speak with a representative.


A Housecall Pro representative will offer a 30-minute demo, which is exploratory and generally transactional in tone. The person conducting the demo uses a fair amount of jargon. Demos are feature-driven rather than focused on understanding the business’s issues or problem-solving.

Many customers praise Housecall Pro’s self-serve onboarding process and initial walk-through setup process in-app; however, additional tech support or help isn’t as readily available as the Housecall Pro site’s mention of world-class customer service featuring real-time chat leads potential customers to believe. Autobot responses are delayed, representatives do not reply and the lack of phone support leaves customers to figure errors out on their own.

What Is Thryv

If wise small business owners have recognized the digital shift that’s occurred and see the need to add digital capabilities, including contactless payments and automated marketing campaigns, then they will also see they can get the most out of Thryv.

Thryv is the end-to-end customer experience platform that is fully integrated with nearly all business activities, from organizing the customer database to sending bulk email and text communication to managing all aspects of a job from initial outreach, ongoing communication, estimates, invoices, payments, receipts, follow-ups, reminders, online scheduling convenience and more.

Thryv’s automated marketing offers super handy ready-to-customize text messages and email templates. It comes with the reassurance that you’ll never miss a follow up on a job or customer’s life moments like birthdays and anniversaries with your business.

Following-up with busy customers is essential, so this feature is a must. Keep customers in the know by using both email and text marketing to remind them of upcoming appointments, ongoing sales and request reviews once the job has been completed. Thryv users also have access to a library of social media posts to choose from. Posting to various social media pages is easy from the Thryv dashboard. Keeping everything in one secure, easy-to-use place is organizational help and time saver. A bonus is Thryv’s regular review of your company website, social media and online reviews performance.

Thryv stands out from other customer experience software companies by offering ThryvPay. This payment processing service designed specifically for service-based businesses who want to provide contactless payment options. Businesses opting to use ThryvPay get flat-rate fees for credit card transactions. Additionally, they can save thousands every month by offering their customers ACH payment processing, so their customers can utilize their checking accounts to pay. Business owners have peace of mind with ThryvPay. ACH payments show immediately if funds are available (which means no more bounced checks).

Thryv has an ever-evolving App Market that integrates seamlessly with several popular business-operating programs. Apps include Gmail Email Service, Quickbooks, Jotform, Yext, Constant Contact, Indeed, Mailchimp, Shopify, Typeform, Zoom, ShareAble for Hires and Clover.


As a full, end-to-end platform, Thryv helps businesses:

Get the Job by improving online presence, building and maintaining reviews, growing social media audiences, setting online appointments, creating and delivering estimates and allowing form fills.

Manage the Job by maintaining a real-time calendar for all staff members, collecting and storing online documents, creating and delivering estimates, allowing a variety of contactless payment methods, including ThryvPay.

Get Credit with marketing automation such as social posting, text and email campaigns and requesting reviews as well as sending promotions and other messaging that is customized to the right audience at the right time.

Robust CRM. A centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system is the cornerstone of Thryv’s software platform. From the CRM, many more actions and interactions take place. Full customer information is available, and can be organized and accessed for marketing purposes, with identifiable information, such as services received, date of last service, upcoming appointments, payments, conversations and even uploaded documents.

Thryv’s CRM allows users to create one-to-many relationships with their customers. Therefore, they can organize multiple jobs, patients, cases, etc., under one contact. For instance, a contractor can manage individual jobs for one homeowner; a dentist can consolidate multiple family members under a parent; a lawyer can access several cases under one client; a mechanic can record services rendered for several vehicles for one owner.

Even the CRM terminology within Thryv is customized based on the industry, and users can navigate to specific information associated to each job, patient, case, pet, vehicle, etc., including appointments, payments, notes, conversations and documents.

This game changer makes every other action more seamless for the business owner to manage the customer’s entire journey.

Streamlined Sales & Payments. Thryv users create estimates, invoices and receipts from the dashboard, which provides a clear overview of outstanding invoices. Customers can pay using their preferred method, including credit, debit, ThryvPay, PayPal, Braintree, Venmo, Square, Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay. ThryvPay offers competitive flat-rate fees for credit cards and low ACH fees. Thryv also offers Pay by SMS Text, so customers can pay from their mobile device. Therefore, business owners don’t have to wait to get paid.

Customer Communication. Thryv users can manage every conversation in their inbox and respond immediately, whether that is over email or text. Staff members can also be assigned to manage specific correspondence.

Online Scheduling. Put power in the hands of your customers with online scheduling. By allowing customers to choose their own appointment time, you give time back to the business owner and their staff by freeing them up from time-consuming calls, text messages and emails back and forth.

Reputation Management & Online Presence. Users tap into Thryv’s powerful online listings capabilities, which ensures that the business’s information is current and accurate across more than 60 online listings sites. This ensures a robust online presence that customers anywhere can find the business, no matter where they look. Regular reporting also allows Thryv users to stay on top of incoming reviews so they can respond immediately.

Automated Marketing & Social Media. Thryv users create, customize and schedule marketing campaigns that can be sent in bulk or automated to send after a milestone or special event. Using the robust CRM and its tagging capabilities, a Thryv user can automate an email or text to go out to their customers whenever it’s time to schedule their next appointment. Thryv also provides robust social media posting services and a library of posts to make regular, on-going social presence and posting a breeze.


Thryv’s base package pricing is competitive with Housecall Pro’s, but Thryv offers many additional features. Key features include social media management, online review management, reputation management, ongoing 24-7 free technical support, and a specified support team for ThryvPay. Please visit our Thryv Pricing page for more information.

THRYV REVIEWS: What customers* are saying

“The patience, the willingness to show and direct me on all the tools they offer to help me succeed. My website is user friendly and so beautiful. They work with me as much or little as I need.” – Krystal S.; verified user; G2 review; Feb. 9, 2021

Pros. Excellent on-boarding and on-going communication with support team; central location for everything; multiple services in one place; great coaching; social media management and scheduling saves a lot of time; these tools allow small businesses to compete with larger companies. Thryv receives and considers all user feedback.

Cons. There’s a lot to learn, but support is always available – it’s worth the time and effort to educate yourself on how to fully use the software.


Simply put, Thryv’s customer service is second to none. Including extensive onboarding support, Thryv continues to provide free, unlimited technical support 24-7. In Thryv’s online reviews, customers continuously point out this game-changing benefit as the key differentiator for Thryv. Connect with both Thryv experts and users candidly on Thryv’s exclusive HighThryver group.

Thryv takes user feedback very seriously. In fact, a button on the dashboard takes users to a feedback form, where they can request new features and vote on those that are in consideration. In the first quarter of 2021, 8 of the 10 software updates are based directly on user feedback and requests.

Free online resources include educational guides and blogs, customer testimonials, how-to videos, and a robust knowledge center with step-by-step instruction and new feature updates.

Thryv provides video and one-on-one demos to understand each business’s individual needs, from improving customer communication to getting more organized to generate more online reviews. It’s a no-pressure information session, rather than a hard sale.

Housecall Pro vs Thryv

Thryv and Housecall Pro features both include a communications inbox, email and text messaging, online appointment scheduling, and payments. While both platforms offer marketing automation. However, with Housecall Pro you must upgrade to either the Grow, Manage or XL plan to access the feature.

Thryv offers all of the features in every package. Thryv bases the more advanced packages on number of users (up to unlimited). Some include premium features, such as custom videos and website design.

Features that Thryv offers that are not available in any of Housecall Pro’s packages include a dedicated Client Portal (for a more customized experience), Reputation Management (instant review notifications, auto review generation and competitor watch), Online Presence (listings accuracy and Google My Business integration) and Social Media Management (plus a posting library to create content).

Thryv also provides more payment options, including ThryvPay, with its competitive rates, convenient processing, transparent reporting and payment dispute assistance. Both platforms are HIPAA secure. With Thryv, Zapier and Quickbooks are available for integration regardless of your plan, unlike Housecall Pro where you must upgrade beyond the basic plan.

When it comes to understand what customers need, Thryv is here to listen. Not only do Thryv experts speak to customers in a way they understand, rather using software industry jargon. They take the time to learn about the small business owner and their needs, rather than push software features. Thryv continues to strive to meet the needs of today’s small business owners. And it shows through the software and customer support.

*Review comments consolidated from verified users via G2 and Capterra software review sites.

ThryvHouse Call Pro
PriceSchedule Demo$229
Subscription vs M2MSubscriptionFlexible
User LimitUnlimited9
Service & Support
Software OnboardingX
Phone, Chat, EmailChat only
Learning Center with Videos and GuidesX
Payment Dispute AssistanceX
Build your Brand
Online Listings ManagementX
Professionally Designed Website$$
Social Media – Posting and Content LibraryX
Custom VideosX
Enhanced Accessibility Site Service*X
Communicate with Customers
2-Way Text from business number
Email and Text AnnouncementsPostcard & Email
Marketing Automation
Inbox CommunicationsX
Client Portal with Customer LoginX
Campaign AnalyticsX
Stay Organized
CRM with Customizable Fields and Tags
Scheduling & Appointments
Automated Follow-ups and Reminders
Document StorageX
App Market and Integrations
Mobile App
Get Paid
Estimates & Invoices
Credit Card Payment Processing
ACH Check Processing
Online and Mobile Payments
Scheduled Payments
Convenience Fees & TippingTipping only
Real Time Reporting
Generate More Reviews
Review Generation
Review Acknowledgment ServiceX
Review Monitoring and AlertsX
Competitor WatchX
*This feature is available with Thryv 4.0 Websites, as of 5/4/2020 and newer. Service provided by AudioEye®.
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