Zombies. Serious Business.Halloween is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to remember that entrepreneurs and business owners in America come in every stripe and variety. It’s our goal to provide helpful marketing info and success tips to all kinds of businesses. Including the undead.

Career Choices for Zombies

zombies-careers-smTraditionally, the career choices for zombies have been rather limited, due to their inability to communicate and their penchant for devouring the brains of their coworkers. However, in these economically troubling times, more and more companies are turning to zombies as a cheap and lower-maintenance alternative to outsourcing.

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Zombie Dining Etiquette

zombies-dining-100x100Whether it’s fair or not, zombies have gained a reputation for being bad dinner guests. Perhaps its the fact that they frequently drop by unexpectedly, with several friends in tow. Maybe it’s the fact that they always eat with their hands. But whatever the reason, zombies often find themselves excluded from dinner parties.

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Surviving as a Zombie

zombies-survival-100x100Well, it’s happened – you made a mistake, got just a little too careless, and now you’re a zombie. You’ve got a hunger for human brains, and humans aren’t willing to give those up without a fight, or at least a slight struggle. Don’t panic; this isn’t the end of the world (for you, at least). It’s the beginning of a brand-new life.

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Zombies Need Love Too – Tips for Dating the Living

zombies-dating-101x100Zombies really have it tough in this narrow-minded, life-biased culture of today. Just because you’re slow and unintelligible, and occasionally resort to cannibalism, you are shunned, shot at, and often treated as second-class citizens. But take heart, my ghoulish friends. There are some among the living who have opened their minds and have come to see the exotic allure of the walking dead.

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Why Zombies are Cooler than Vampires

zombies-vampires-100x110When it comes to the immortal question of zombies vs. vampires, people are definitely divided into two camps. On one side, you’ve got the folks who know in their hearts that zombies are simply made of relentless, ravenous, undead awesome! And on the other side, you have a bunch of tween girls and aging goths who still live with their parents. But the purpose of this article isn’t to malign the horribly misguided vampire fans, but rather to prove—impartially and with absolutely no bias—that zombies are WAY cooler!

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