Let’s be honest, everyone wants to be a superhero, revered by friends, family and even strangers. While you may want to think of your small business as the knight in shining armor, swooping in to save your customers … you aren’t the hero of this tale.

Rather, it’s time to start thinking of the customer as the hero of your story and making them the hero of theirs.

Your Customer the Hero

People can’t fly or read minds, but it’s possible to have qualities unanimously associated with the protagonist of any story. These are actions like making good choices or doing the right thing.

For your client to be the hero, you need to position that good choice or right thing to be choosing to do business with you.

Every Hero Needs a Mentor

Now, you may be wondering, “If I’m not the hero, who am I?”

Consider this one-sentence synopsis of the Hero’s Journey by P&G Corporate Storyteller & Company Historian Shane Meeker, “Every Hero must go through an Obstacle to get to a Treasure.”

And, according to Meeker, every hero meets a mentor who provides them with the tools or training they need to complete their journey.

Enter your business. While you aren’t the main character, you are the most important supporting role: the mentor. In other words, think of your patrons as Harry Potter. You’re Dumbledore and your product or service is the Deathly Hallows.

Or, if you prefer … Your customer is Luke Skywalker, you’re Yoda and your deliverables are the Force. How awesome is that?

This means that while your offerings aren’t the star of the show, they are the tools your customer needs to conquer the obstacle that stands in their way. So, how do you make your customer feel like the hero and seek you as their mentor?

Your Customers, Empower Must You (Yoda Voice)

When marketing your small business, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting to simply list the benefits of your products or services.

  • We offer deep cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.”

While marketing copy like this does make your business look good, it puts your business in the limelight, not your customer.

To empower your buyers to tap into their inner lionheart, think about what your business offers from their perspective. How will their lives be positively impacted after working with you?

Or, what might have motivated them to hop onto Google and search “cleaning services near me.”

By understanding your customer’s goals, you can craft a marketing message that not only resonates but makes them feel like choosing you was the right call.

  • “Helping you put your most professional foot forward. Deep clean your office space without lifting a finger. Call today.”

At the end of the day, you want your customers to know that your number one priority is helping them succeed.

The Resolution

When you turn the focus of your business away from yourself and consider the daily lives of your customers you create an opportunity to connect with them in a new, more authentic way.

By stepping into the role of mentor, you’re able to make your customers feel great about their decision to choose you.

The best part, customers who feel supported and empowered will not only come back time and time again, but act as a spokesperson for your brand helping you grow your business.