Year of the Social Media LinkEric Schmidt, former Google CEO, stated last year “At Google, the biggest mistake I made was not anticipating the rise of the social networking phenomenon”. Today Google+ has a large user base but questions have been asked about how active that community is, with talk of it being dead. A result, perhaps, of jumping on the social community train too late.

Google currently indexes Twitter, but some estimate only 7% of information from Twitter is available to be indexed. With the recently announced 2015 data partnership between Google and Twitter that data stream will be at 100% full blast and it will be even more important to have an active Twitter account for your business.

Before the partnership announcement, Twitter also had recent success in driving more logged out users to view their pages by allowing hashtag pages to become accessible and indexed by Google.

With more tweets being indexed by Google, social media marketers will see additional traffic funneled from organic search to their social media pages.

Google has commented that just because a page has social shares, tweets, and likes, these social stats may be correlated with higher rankings but are not necessarily causal. A social media page that is indexed by Google is treated just like any other indexed page. However, the more content Google includes in its index for a business, the more visibility there is for those that participate in social marketing.

Now is a great time for your business to get active in social media and blogging, especially Twitter!