In a recent survey conducted by eMarketer, data compiled by the travel marketing agency MMGY Global and the marketing research company Harrison Group indicates that the use of tablets and smartphones by travelers has grown at a significant rate. According to the statistics, over 60 percent of the travelers used smartphones while tablet use had increased to over 40 percent. That information was based on usage by those whose annual income was $50,000 or greater, and had taken at least one trip farther than 75 miles from home.

By combining this information with data gathered from both Google and Nielsen, the study revealed that mobile users conducted multiple actions when searching from their devices. The most frequent actions revolved around Health and Beauty Services (3.56 actions), Automotive Services (2.52), Travel-related Services (2.2), and Food and Dining (at about two actions per search).

Most of the searches were non-specific, indicating travelers were seeking suggestions or general information rather than direct recommendations. The most important factor was the availability of reliable apps when it came to making decisions while traveling. Almost half the smartphone users had at least one app, while 30 percent had two or more.

eMarketer observes that, “As smartphones become ubiquitous among travelers, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can leverage opportunities to attract and retain customers by offering mobile features that guide travelers through their destination, not just to their destination.”


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