RemarketingAs a local business owner, you know how difficult it is to get customers through your door.  You also know that great marketing strategies can really make your business a success. Remarketing is your solution to increase customer loyalty, conversion rates, and your bottom line.

Remarketing or retargeting is simply a strategy to market to existing customers and to potential customers who have interacted with your brand but haven’t made a purchase or completed some other action you wanted. There are a number of different remarketing strategies to consider including search, social, and email.

Search Remarketing

If you’ve ever looked up a product online and then started seeing ads for that product on all the websites you visit, you’ve experienced search remarketing. You can do this by purchasing ads like Google Adwords.You could also purchase display ads through Google’s Display Network which would target your site to customers who are interested in your products and services.

Social Remarketing

Social media is a great opportunity for remarketing efforts.  If you have a social media presence you can simply speak to your customers directly or purchase ads.  Take advantage of Facebook ads or Twitter promoted tweets for social remarketing campaigns.

Email Remarketing

Email is one of the oldest forms of remarketing.  Have you ever received an email from Amazon after you have purchased a product, recommending other products you should check out?  That would be an example of email remarketing.  Customers who have subscribed to your newsletter or who have engaged in your brand in some way are perfect candidates for email remarketing.