Apparently punctuation and spelling have a bigger effect on your social media posts than you might have realized. It’s obvious that punctuation is important on your website, your blogs and articles but punctuation in particular can influence the reactions that your posts receive on social media.

Length and timing are also important when composing messages on social channels. The infographic below was compiled by Compendium and gives a good guide to punctuation, message length and best time for your business social posts. Take note that if you’re using social media for B2B or B2C marketing that they will have subtle differences. Here are some takeaways:

  • Using an exclamation mark results in 26% more clicks on Linkedin for B2B and 27% more clicks for B2C.
  • Messages on Twitter receive 193% more clicks if they include a hashtag for B2B and 82% fewer clicks for B2C.
  • Using a number in your Twitter message generates 50% more clicks for B2B and 35% more clicks for B2C.
  • Content shared to Facebook is generally read around lunch and during late afternoon.
  • Sharing content on Sunday yields more clicks on Linkedin than any other day of the weekend for B2B. Sharing content on Monday or Wednesday yields more clicks on Twitter than any other day of the week for B2C.

What Works for Social Sharing - Infographic
Compendium – The Content Marketing Platform