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Who Is the Mobile Ad Marketing Audience?

By | 04.02.14
Who Is the Mobile Ad Marketing Audience?

While mobile shopping is gaining increasing acceptance, and more and more mobile consumers are willing to accept advertising and other promotional products on their smartphones and tablets, the question arises as to who this group is and the best way to reach it. According to Marketing Charts, a recent study by Scarborough, a division of Nielsen, points to several key statistics that can help with targeting shoppers.

While all marketing processes can deliver successful results, because more than 80 percent of mobile users tend to be under 50, social media was singled out as a target. The numbers indicate that this group spends close to five hours a day on social media and uses this platform to learn about products and services and to show support for preferred brands. Of these, about half (52 percent) are willing to accept advertising, albeit in exchange for promotions and services.

In addition, mobile shoppers who are open to receiving ads on their devices have a higher annual income than those who do not use mobile devices for shopping.

Some of the other results in the study provide insight as to the lifestyles of this electronically mobile group. The numbers show how they use their mobile devices:

  • 56 percent are likely to search for automobile information,
  • 46 percent purchased children’s clothing,
  • 34 percent plan to purchase a home, with 28 percent of these viewing real estate listings, and
  • 19 percent plan to look for a new job and use their smartphone to search for clothing and related information.

The report also showed that traditional marketing platforms retain their viability, and identified key information as to preferences and tendencies when using the newspaper, television, and radio media.


Marketing Charts. “Media Habits of ‘Mobile Ad Friendly Shopper”; March 28, 2014. Scarborough/Nielsen Local. “Reaching the Mobile Ad-Friendly Shopper”; March 17, 2014.

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