Noobpreneur recently released the top 10 trends for small business startups that are projected for the year 2014. Interestingly, there seems to be a shift coming, with less of an emphasis on tech savviness and more of a focus on the simplicity and ease of the business offering. It is predicted that 2014 will be an excellent year to launch simple startup ideas and concepts.

  1. Staying Lean: Simplicity indeed seems to be the main focus for this new year, with small business owners staying away from the “larger than life” concept. More entrepreneurs are choosing to leverage the opportunities presented by the Internet to build lean businesses out of the home.
  2. Growth of “One Man” Businesses: Many small business owners are focusing on business concepts that don’t require employees and instead center around their own particular skill set. This can be anything from a professional writer or designer, to a life coach or yoga instructor.
  3. “Teaching” Startup Strategies: Many entrepreneurs who have achieved success in the past are looking to teach young businesspeople to start-up their own businesses. This trend is projected to evolve into its own business concept, where these entrepreneurs are offering a variety of business services, from branding to packaging solutions.
  4. A Shift toward Collaborative Work Spaces: One popular trend involves startups working out of shared or collaborative work spaces. This enables startups to make the most of their resources by sharing costs such as office rentals and equipment expenses.
  5. An Emphasis on Simple Offerings: Rather than focusing on vast and complex business concepts, startups today are moving toward developing products and offerings designed specifically to make life simpler for customers. The goal is to provide products that make daily life easier and more manageable for a variety of consumer segments.
  6. Introducing the Element of Fun: Many brick and mortar startup entrepreneurs are working to carve a niche with their store to draw people in, whether to socialize, conduct business, or simply curl up with a book. The idea is to “tread the path that’s not been taken” to create a fun space for customers.
  7. The Need for a Design Edge: It’s predicted that branding will become increasingly important in the upcoming year. Thus, startups that cater to this need in terms of branding, logo, and identity design are predicted to be quite successful.
  8. Streamlining Travel: In the realm of travel, a trend in 2014 startups will be to simplify travel across the globe for customers: both generally and for specific focus groups (such as seniors or adventure enthusiasts). Startups will offer their customer tools such as informative blogs and digital magazines.
  9. An Increase in Environmental Consciousness: The post-recession return to green principles is reflected in some of the types of startups that are predicted to be popular in 2014. This includes organic farms, natural foods, vegan baking, and green packaging products.
  10. Returning to the Basics: Overall, startup businesses that are focused on taking people back to the basics of life (rather than those centered around technology and information gathering) are predicted to rise in popularity.  This includes everything from urban gardening to rural tourism.


Widjaya, Ivan. “Top 10 Startup Trends for 2014.” 12/31/13.