We all know Google’s search results pages are ever changing. Google continues to move towards including more local listings in results, while also blending local and organic results, and Knowledge Graph results appear for more and more information-seeking searches. Google search results also differ for different locales and users.

The Moz Blog recently published “Mega-SERP: A Visual Guide to Google“, a super useful guide to all of Google’s known search result types, including an infographic that is a visual representation of a results page with all of the known types of results broken down one by one to include:

  • Local SERPs
  • Ads & paid results
  • Knowledge graph
  • Verticals
  • Miscellaneous/other features

This is the most comprehensive guide I’ve seen for Google’s current SERPs and well worth reviewing and saving as a reference. Click on the infographic to view the larger original image.

The Moz Blog's Google Mega SERP