With email access expected to climb to well over 200 million by year’s end, and projected growth to reach close to 240 million by 2017, understanding how to use collected data from shoppers can pay big dividends in a carefully constructed email marketing campaign.

eMarketer is reporting that a survey conducted by Harris Interactive shows that when information about shopping habits and preferences is extrapolated from data collected on shoppers who have opted-in to receiving emails, and used to create more personalized email messages for consumers, the targeted audience is likely to respond favorably.

The survey, conducted in December of 2013, found that more than 80 percent of shoppers who received emails that had been personalized to reflect their shopping preferences and behaviors were “at least somewhat likely to make additional purchases…as a result of targeted emails.”

But that was not the only nugget uncovered by the poll. In addition to personalized emails having a positive impact on motivating increased purchases, it also found that shoppers were more inclined to receive personalized emails, with fewer than 20 percent reporting to the contrary.

Consumers also said that they were willing to share information about their shopping habits if that data was being used to improve the quality of the emails and make them “more relevant” to their needs.


eMarketer. “Personalization Sees Payoffs in Marketing Emails,”  Jan. 28, 2014.