We were curious to find out if our clients are using blogging as a marketing tool for their small businesses so we asked them 10 questions about blogging.

Key Takeaways

  • The majority of respondents are not blogging, but those who are, seem to be following best practices.
    • It’s best to host your blog on your own website.
    • It’s okay to find blog inspiration online, but you shouldn’t just copy other sites’ content for your blog.
    • If you’re going to allow commenting, you need to monitor and respond in a timely fashion.
  • The majority of our blogging clients are not publishing frequently. Only 27% have published 13 or more blog posts in the past 12 months. 72% have published 10 blog posts or fewer in the past year. That’s not even one blog post per month. This represents an opportunity since the more often you post new content, the better your results.
  • Surprisingly, 72% of the respondents who are blogging have been doing it for a long time. 36% have been blogging for 3 years or more and 36% have been blogging for 1 to 3 years.

The survey includes clients from across the U.S. and here’s what we found:

Do you have a blog for your business? How long have you had your blog? Where is your blog hosted? How many blog posts have you published in the past 12 months? Who writes for your business blog? Do you use content you find online for your blog? Do you allow comments on your blog? Do you actively monitor and reply to comments on your blog? Do you plan to start a business blog in 2016? Where will you host your blog?

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