Salons and doctors aren’t the only small businesses that use online appointment booking. Pet groomers, cleaning services, even restaurants do too.

70% of consumers prefer to book appointments online.

But you have to do it right. Here are the top mistakes small businesses make with online booking.

1. Failing to follow up by text.

Online booking improves customer service and reduces no-shows. But that’s only if you follow up.

60 percent of consumers say text reminders make them less likely to miss an appointment. Find a tool that helps you send them.

2. Being too vague.

Online booking puts consumers in control. That’s only helpful if you give them the information they need.

Make sure your online booking tool includes details like:

  • Your location and contact info
  • Types of appointments you offer
  • A price estimate

3. Giving staff too little access.

Once appointments are booked, it’s on your staff to follow through with great customer service.

Give them the ability to view and edit appointment details. They may want to follow up if anything is unclear.