Ever been asked to leave a review for a business? They probably sent you an email after you paid, asking for a review.

So you click the link, but you arrive at a site asking you to log in. What if you don’t have a login? Chances are, you don’t leave a review.

About First-Party Reviews

Sites like Google and Yelp that host consumer reviews on your behalf are called third-party review sites.

But did you know nearly 50% of reviews on Google aren’t actually Google Reviews at all? They’re reviews Google pulls from other sources, like business websites. We call these first-party reviews.

How to Get First-Party Reviews

It turns out first-party reviews can have just as big an impact on your reputation as reviews on other sites. They’re also a heck of a lot easier to get.

If you really want to impact your online reputation, try asking for customer reviews directly. The more reviews you have, even first-party ones, the less negative reviews will impact your business.

Note: Don’t filter out negative reviews. Google sees right through it and will lose trust in you if you do.

To get first-party reviews, use a CRM and email marketing tool like Thryv. Stop sending customers to places that require a ton of work to leave a review. Instead, simply email them, request a review, and publish it. Google will do the rest. Learn more about why first party reviews are so important to small businesses.