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[Video] Use Facebook Live to Engage Consumers

[Video] Use Facebook Live to Engage Consumers

By | 10.25.18
[Video] Use Facebook Live to Engage Consumers

You may have seen Facebook in the news lately, thanks to issues around its privacy settings. As a result, Facebook is changing how it prioritizes content for its users. These changes aren’t just affecting the content you see from friends and family, they’re affecting your ability to market your business.

There are still ways to show up in your target audience’s News Feeds. One of the top ways is to use live videos to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s talk Facebook Live.

To get an idea of how effective Facebook Live can be for your business, let’s talk engagement.

Facebook Live Engagement Rates

Did you know…

  • Facebook Live videos receive three times higher engagement than a video that is not live?
  • Facebook Live videos also receive five times more views than standard photo posts.

Facebook Live Tips

Facebook Live works. But only if you use it wisely.

  • When you start your live feed, don’t jump right in. Wait a minute or two to let viewers join the feed. Introduce yourself more than once, and greet people as they join.
  • Move around. Facebook live isn’t just audio, it’s visual. Keep viewers entertained by moving around and showing off different environments.
  • Record for at least 10 minutes. Facebook Live is designed to be highly engaging, unlike a shorter video or photo. Facebook will prioritize your live video higher if it exceeds the 10-minute mark.

Facebook Live works best when you have an established social presence. If you feel you lack the time to manage this on your own, you may need a tool like Thryv. Thryv connects to your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and more. It also comes jam-packed with more than 525,000 social posts you can schedule ahead of time.

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Getting outshined by the competition on social media?

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Getting outshined by
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Regain the spotlight with regular tips, on us.


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