When you work in home services or residential contracting, you know the first one on the job wins the job.

But that’s only if you can back it up with a killer estimate.

Here’s how to build estimates that get you hired on the spot.

Share them electronically.

Stop hand-writing your estimates.

Electronic estimates outshine paper ones because they:

  • Look more professional
  • Are easier to read
  • Help clients share feedback

Itemize them.

Being in a hurry is no excuse to send quotes that are too broad. While it may be easier (and a lot faster) for you, prospects are left wondering what they’re paying for.


  • Start from a generic template.
  • Itemize your costs as much as possible.
  • Use simple terms your prospects can understand.

Send them fast.

If your prospects ask for estimates, they’re likely price shopping. But that doesn’t mean they’ll always go with the lowest bid.

While the estimate itself is important, sending your estimate fast helps you compete. Send it before you leave the job site to show you’re professional and prompt.

Want more tips?

Here’s are our 6 “Ps” of building quotes that win over customers.