Do you rely on email, your hard drive, or worse — file cabinets — to store your most important documents?

These days, that’s just too risky. Smart small businesses store their documents in the cloud. Here’s why.

It’s convenient.

The best part about the cloud is you can access it from anywhere. You don’t need to be logged into your computer or at the office to view a document.

When you use the cloud for storage, you can see your most important documents, like estimates, invoices, contracts and more on the spot.

It’s secure.

More than half (54%) of consumers care more about protecting their personal information this year than they did a year ago.

And if you run a healthcare or legal services business, you have an ethical responsibility to protect your clients’ confidential information.

The fact is, the cloud is safer than relying on email or your hard drive.

They’re interactive.

Some documents go through several revisions before they’re final. How annoying is it trying to keep track of all the changes? The back and forth can be incredibly frustrating.

These days, documents you store in the cloud are interactive. This helps you make fewer mistakes and spend less time hunting for the latest version.