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Get Great Feedback with User Testing

Get Great Feedback with User Testing

By | 08.27.13
Get Great Feedback with User Testing

User testing can be performed on any budget, and is beneficial for discovering bugs or user experience issues with your website. User testing is important for the survival of your website on the web. If a website is difficult to use people will leave the site. Forcing people try to figure out how to use your website can be detrimental to site traffic and leads. User testing can show you how users actually use your website, and the path they take getting place to place, making it easy for you to spot roadblocks and other trouble spots.

User testing is very informative, even on a budget of $300 to over $100,000 a year. Based on the infographic below there are a few things to decide when diving in:

  • How often should you user test?
  • What devices do you test?
  • What demographic will do the user test?
  • What is the goal are you trying to accomplish with a user test?

The basics for low budget user testing:

  • Learn what messages your users are receiving in key areas of the website.
  • Optimize pages that encourage lead generation or conversions.
  • Find out which layout works best to convey your brand.

User Testing on Any Budget Infographic

Infographic provided by

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