In this tech-savvy age, people turn to the internet for nearly all of their needs. Wouldn’t your business love to land among their search results? Of course, you would, and that is why your business needs to have a presence on Google.

Claiming your Google My Business Listing isn’t always a walk in the park. If you’re struggling to claim your GMB listing, here’s how to quickly troubleshoot typical Google My Business issues and get your listing approved.

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Google Isn’t Recognizing Your Address

This is an uncommon issue but as it turns out, even Google gets it wrong sometimes. If you’re experiencing an “invalid address” error, Google isn’t recognizing your street location. You’ll need to create it yourself.

How to: Create the location

  • On a desktop computer, open Google Maps.
  • Click “add a missing place,” located in the sandwich menu icon
  • Follow the prompts to fill in the correct information

Once your edit is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This may take a few days but soon you’ll be able to quickly find your listing.

You’re Not Listed as the Owner

Yikes, you’ve bought out a building, and Google’s continuing to list the former owner’s information rather than yours. When it comes to local SEO, having a consistent name, address and phone number is important. You’ll need to claim the profile of the last owner of the location. You may need to contact them. If you need help, you can head to Google My Business’s help page.

Multiple Professionals in the Building

Because sometimes multiple businesses run from the same building, Google allows listings for individual practitioners. If you’re sharing a building and struggling to have each business claim a google listing, you’ll need to place all accounts under one Google My Business profile.

When verifying the information for each business in the building, you’ll need to ensure these items for a successful approval process:

  • Varying addresses: Even though these businesses are in the same office, each one need’s a unique identifier. Consider adding suite or office numbers. Doing this means each business now has its own verifiable address
  • Store codes: Having unique store codes ensure that changes are accurately applied to each location. Any unique identifier can be used as a store code from a name to a random number — just as long as it stays the same when referring to that location

If you have more than 10 businesses in a single building, you can apply for bulk verification. Smaller business-filled buildings will need to go the usual phone call or by mail route.

GMB Suspension 

Have you popped your verification code in for a new account yet, somehow, your GMB account lands immediate suspension? Or perhaps you’ve had this account for ages. Talk about a downer. You’re not alone.

Google My Business listings will get suspended for content and conduct policy violations. There’s no need to fret. Get a start on the process to lift the suspension. Before you submit your reinstatement request, be sure to review the Google My Business guidelines and restricted content guidelines to make sure your listing complies. 

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