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The Latest and Greatest Local Business News

Wells Fargo Survey: Small Business Optimism Surges to Pre-Recession Levels (Fuel Marketer News)
Each quarter, Wells Fargo conducts a survey of local business owners rating their perception of how the last 12 months went as well as their optimism for the future. This quarter, the overall index score increased significantly to 100 in February, up from 80 in November and up 33 points from a year ago. This marks the highest optimism reading since July 2007 when it was also 100, and represents a return to pre-recession levels.

Small Business Owners and Buyers Ready for Trump Tax Reforms (Small Business Trends)
Recently polled local business owners cited tax and healthcare reform as their top two issues in the recent U.S. presidential election. With President Trump in office, owners like you are anxiously awaiting change.

Instagram now has 1 million monthly advertisers and 8 million business profiles (Adweek)
Some attribute the large number of advertisers taking advantage of Instagram to the platform’s focus on small and local businesses. Instagram will also soon offer greater engagement tools, including the opportunity for customers to book appointments.

Millennials are flocking to Texas in search of small business jobs (Houston Chronicle and Indeed
A recent study conducted by indeed.com found millennials are targeting Texas for their job search. More specifically, this younger generation of job seekers is targeting small businesses as potential employers.

6 Things that Don’t Belong on a Small Business 2016 Tax Return (Inc.)
Tax time is perhaps one of local business owners’ least favorite times of year. If you’ve been putting off filing, or if you have yet to click Submit, don’t miss out on these pointers.

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