You sure have wide-ranging interests when it comes to online marketing — from disappearing Google ads to getting “mobile friendly” to Facebook likability to spying on the competition (for free). Here they are, the 20 most-read posts on the Dex Media local marketing blog in the first half of the year.

20.  Help! I Can’t See My Ads on GoogleHelp - Can't Find My Ads on Google

You jump on Google and enter your search terms. And your ads are nowhere. So you search and you search and…Just breathe. Google has not run off with your money. Explanation coming… [read more]

19.  Go Claim Your Business Name on Facebook Now

You can create a vanity URL, “”. And you should do it now –particularly if your name is like hundreds of other business names on Facebook… [read more]

18.  Free Marketing Stuff for Local Business: The List of Lists

What an offer: 6 lists of 67 online tools or websites that will accelerate your marketing from zero to, well, 67, in seconds for the low, low price of no price at all… [read more]

Will Your Business Get Uber-ed?17.  Will Your Business Get “Uber-ed”?

A long list of start-ups are bringing the model of the successful car service to other businesses. Your customers may start to expect levels of service and price that are hard to meet… [read more]

16.  Fast Track to the Top on Google: Answer Boxes

With some relatively simple content like a short list, your site could dominate the search-return page. Let’s take a look at some examples… [read more]

15.  11 MUST Read Tips Before Buying a Website Domain

Number 1: Choose one of the best registrars on the internet. A number of service providers will offer to register the domain for you. But the problem they are often not an actual ICANN approved registrar… [read more]

14.  7 Things Lawyers Can’t Do on Social MediaThings Lawyers Cant Do on Social Media

Social media for most businesses = Big Marketing Opportunity. Social media for law firms = Big Ethical Challenge + Big Marketing Opportunity… [read more]

13.  Google Makes Big Changes to Results Pages: No More Right Rail

Google’s ever-shifting landscape of available advertising slots got a major jolt in late February. They’ve been testing the impacts of removing ads from the right-hand rail, and it looks like they’ve made the change official and permanent… [read more]

12.  5 Effective Ways to Use Testimonials on Your Website

Client testimonials show website visitors from your target audiences that you serve people like them, get their problems, and have proven solutions… [read more]

11.  10 Steps to Marketing Plan Success

Much like having a business plan is crucial to launching and growing a business, having a marketing plan is critical to reaching customers and selling successfully. OK, great. But now what? [read more]

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly - Man Looking at Phone10.  What Does Mobile Friendly Mean? 6 Definitions

If Google thinks your website isn’t “mobile friendly” it’s not going to show up in searches done on mobile devices. Here’s a quick explanation of each type of mobile site experience… [read more]

9.  5 Types of Likable, Shareable and All-Around Engaging Facebook Post Ideas

Between Facebook algorithm changes and the amount of information everyone encounters daily, it’s challenging to get the attention of social media users. But all is not lost! [read more]

8.  When Can You Use Other People’s Content on Your Blog?

I recently had a friendly email exchange with a small business owner who had published one of our blog posts on his blog. I contacted him because he reprinted the entire post verbatim and had not asked permission to do so… [read more]

7.  Customer Journey Mapping for Small BusinessTemkin Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is visual way to: 1. List each touchpoint with customers, anything from advertising to website to phone call. 2. Rate each touchpoint for customer satisfaction. [read more]

6.  Is That Phone Call Really from Google?

Unethical sales people have called small businesses after they sign up for a Google business page, selling “listing verification” services. It’s easy to mistake them for Google employees… [read more]

5.  Free Tools to Spy On Your Competition

Before the advent of the Internet, if you wanted to spy on your competitors, you would either have to read public documents, play secret shopper, or rummage through their garbage. But nowadays… [read more]

4.  5 Types of Complaining Customers (and How to Handle Them)

Handle a complaint well, and you can turn a disgruntled customer into a fan. Handle it poorly, and that sole voice of dissent can wreak havoc on your online reputation… [read more]

Go-Animate-Cartoon3.  How to Make Your Own Online Commercial with Animation Software

Still making sales presentations with slide shows? Boring! Get your clients’ attention with an animated video –and impress yourself with the fact that you made it. [read more]

2.  Free Advertising for Small Businesses

Are you an SMB owner or manager looking for free advertising or an inexpensive way to establish your presence on the Internet? The following list contains the top ten companies… [read more]

1.  32 Business Listing Sites That Will Get You Referral Traffic

Directories and social media websites expand your reach and have some of the hottest leads on the web at an inexpensive cost. [read more]