LinkedIn Business PagesLinkedIn company pages are becoming more and more popular among businesses. Businesses are using LinkedIn to engage with followers, generate leads, and to showcase their products and services. If your business is using or planning to use LinkedIn as a marketing channel, it’s crucial that your page is optimized to the fullest.

Here’s how to optimize your business LinkedIn page:

  • Be consistent across all channels: When creating and editing your Linkedin business page it’s key to make sure that your content is consistent with what’s on your website and the rest of your social networks. The last thing you want is for visitors to come from other social networks or your website and wonder whether or not this is the same business. It’s also crucial to double check all of your contact information. Make sure that it’s accurate and up to date and that it matches the rest of your networks. If you have a new phone number or address make sure you update your social networks immediately so you don’t risk missing any potential customers.
  • Post consistently: Now this might sound like an obvious tip, but surprisingly many businesses create pages and forget to tend to them. Sharing relevant and quality content is an effective way of not only increasing your LinkedIn presence, but by doing this your business can also gain more traffic to your website. Now there is no perfect rule of thumb when it comes to posting but if possible you should post to your LinkedIn page once a day and max three to four times a day. Make sure your business is committed to posting frequently, it’s important!
  • Use administrators: It can be hard to manage, engage and post to your business page while also trying to run a business. By adding admins to your page, you’re allowing trusted employees to edit the page and publish status updates. It’s always easier to share the workload instead of having one person handle everything. To add an admin, simply click “edit” on your page and then click on “designated users only.” From there you can select the connections that you want to grant access. Make sure you are currently an admin before adding others.
  • Create a call to action banner: If you check out most business pages on LinkedIn you’ll notice that they have a banner image on their page. Banner images are important because they are one of the first things users will see when they land on your page. That being said, be sure to create a banner image that represents your business well and triggers users to act. For example, your business could create a banner that features a call to action. You could use this space to highlight your e-commerce store, your business blog or your website. Be creative.  The banner image should be 646 pixels x 220 pixels and make sure that it is consistent with your existing business branding, so once again everything matches across all channels.
  • Link to a landing page: It’s easy to link users to your website home page, but there are benefits to linking to a specific landing page. A landing page can be customized with information you want to display and a call to action you want to include specifically for people who come from LinkedIn. A customized landing page is a great way to create lead generation opportunities and this can increase your chances of driving leads from LinkedIn.

There are many more ways that your business can benefit from by using LinkedIn, these are just a few. We’d love to hear what’s working for your business on LinkedIn, please share with us in the comments!