What a way to finish out the year! We’re excited to announce that Thryv was named a Leader in 13 categories in the 2021 G2 Winter Report — our highest honor yet.

G2 is a platform that allows verified software users to leave reviews on what they like and don’t like about a particular software product. And by the looks of it, they like us. They really, really like us.

G2 2021 Winter Report Results

For the fifth quarter in a row, G2 named Thryv a Leader for Small Business. Companies that are named Leaders in this and other categories have both high customer satisfaction and high market presence. Thryv was also named an Overall Leader for all categories.

Here’s an overview of the additional categories Thryv was named a leader:

  • For two quarters in a row, Thryv earned a spot as a Momentum Leader, therefore Thryv ranks in the top 25 percent for all product categories. Categories include: CRM; Local Listings Management; Marketing Automation; Online Appointment Scheduling; Online Reputation Management; Payment Gateways and Social Media Management.
  • New this quarter: Thryv named a Leader for Overall Best Support.
  • For the second quarter in a row, Thryv is named Best Estimated ROI for Small Business and Overall.
  • For the second quarter in a row, Thryv has the Highest User Adoption for Small Business
  • And for the first time, is a Leader in Overall Highest User Adoption.
  • For the second quarter in a row, Thryv Small Business users are Most Likely to Recommend Thryv.
  • And Thryv scores as a product users are Overall Most Likely to Recommend.
  • For the third straight quarter, users recognized Thryv as the Easiest Set-up among Small Businesses and Overall.
  • Also, for the third quarter in a row, Small Business users recognized that Thryv has the Easiest to Administer Software.

G2 ranks software not only by the star ratings that they score, but by the written commentary from users, as well. For instance, here’s what verified user, Caitlyn A. had to say about using Thryv:

Thryv is easy to use and has a lot of the tools I needed for my small business. The scheduling tool and website help me to have a more professional presence.

Want to learn more about what Thryv users have to say? Check out our G2 Reviews page today.