A lackluster social media presence can keep businesses from getting noticed, but crafting witty captions can be intimidating. And wondering if that long-thought-out social post even caught your customers’ attention – oof.  It’s time to make creating content that works easy. And now, you can, with the new Expanded Social Feature in Thryv Business Center. 

Designed with your business in mind, it’s time to supercharge your social media presence with Thryv CaptionAI, robust analytics, and much more.  

Supercharge Your Social with the Thryv CaptionAI

Knowing what you want to tell your customers is easy, but finding the right words is a different challenge.   

“We understand that you didn’t choose a career as a plumber or veterinarian to craft social media captions,” says Thryv Chief Product Officer Ryan Cantor. “So we’ve got your back.” 

Avoid the stress of wondering if your posts look professional or if the tone is just right with the Thryv CaptionAI. Simply prompt the tool to generate a post for you, complete with hashtags and emojis. As Cantor explains, “All you have to do is say, ‘Create a post about this new service.’” Then, wham – Thryv CaptionAI crafts a caption for you.  

Plus, Thryv CaptionAI tailors your content for different platforms, recognizing each one’s unique personality. 

This feature goes beyond just writing copy, too, explains Cantor. It serves as a writing assistant for small business owners, bringing you closer to your communication goals. It does not take over; instead, it acts as inspiration, allowing you to edit, tweak, and maintain ownership of your business messages.  

Connect with More Customers: TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest 

“Anywhere there’s a large group of consumers using the platform, there’s an opportunity for small business owners to communicate with them,” notes Cantor. So, eliminate app-jumping with all your social networks in one view so you can connect with your whole audience. 

In addition to established platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram, Thryv is now expanding to TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.  

Recognizing YouTube as the second-largest search engine globally, Cantor emphasizes the importance of reaching consumers where they’re already spending time online. “It’s where people look for information about businesses, and they find it in video form. And we’re really excited to bring it to the platform.” 

Measure Your Social Impact 

Now that you’ve developed great posts with Thry CaptionvAI, the next step is understanding whether your content impacts your audience. Thryv’s improved analytics makes this easier for you. 

Refined analytics and rich data offer critical insights into demographics, post–performance, and more. “Now we show you how your fans have grown over time,” explains Cantor. Being able to see how your fan base, exposure, and impressions have grown over time enables you to replicate successful strategies. 

This lets you see how different content styles perform on each platform. Plus, with Thryv’s Enhanced Social Feature, we make repurposing posts easy.  

In the past, posting content felt like a one-time thing: use it or lose it. But today, people aren’t going to your page. They’re consuming content from social feeds. That means there’s a ton of content that they might miss. This allows you to identify which posts are performing and reuse them, getting more mileage out of your efforts.  

But Wait, There’s More 

You know photos of your business are great, but you might not always have the perfect picture for every post. Now, Thryv has integrated with Pexels, providing you with a legal and royalty-free image library. Allowing you access to professional photography to make your posts pop. 

Thryv Business Center  

Unlocking the full suite of tools is seamlessly integrated into the Thryv Business Center’s comprehensive BC Unlimited package, priced at $499. Within this all-encompassing package, every tool, platform, and data point are right at your fingertips. 

What are you waiting for? Click here to check out Thryv Business Center’s Enhanced Social Feature and start creating better content with ease.