Making Readers Love Your BlogSo you’ve decided that you want to start increasing your customer base with a blog. You’ve researched blogging software, got a smartphone, tablet, or computer to make the blogging process as easy as possible, and you’re ready to start. But then you realize you aren’t quite sure what to say to your readers to entice them, much less keep them reading your blog regularly. No worries. Here are a few tips:

Think Like Your Customers

The easiest way to come up with popular blog topics is to pretend for a moment that, instead of a business owner, you’re a customer. What are some key facts you would want to read about when deciding whether to hire a professional in your industry? A great place to start is to answer frequently asked questions you receive. This not only provides useful information for your existing and potential customers, but also helps to establish you as a reliable industry expert that readers can trust. Once your readers trust you, they’re more likely to come to you when they need your products or services.

Avoid Getting Too Technical

It’s certainly great to be knowledgeable about your industry and to be able to discuss the technicalities of everything you do. However, it’s important to keep your audience in mind. While you may understand industry-specific terms, it’s likely that your customers don’t, and they may find it a bit difficult to really engage with your blog if the posts sound too technical. As a rule, you should assume that your readers are unfamiliar with the topic of your posts, and explain everything as clearly as possible.

Remember to Be Personable

One of the main purposes of a small business blog is to enhance relationships with existing customers and create relationships with potential clients. To do this, it’s imperative that you be as personable as possible in your blog, and do everything you can to engage your readers. Whether you accomplish this by writing in an informal tone or by encouraging your readers to comment on your posts, you open up the opportunity for dialogue between you and your audience, which can ultimately result in more business for you.

While everyone suffers from the frustration of writers’ block every now and then, following some tips can make things easier. Thinking like your customers, avoiding technical information your readers may not understand, and engaging your readers with every post are some great ways to ensure you not only get your readers hooked on a single post, but also that they visit your site regularly for more helpful information.

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