What’s the best time of day to send a marketing email? The fine folks at Pure360 have examined the patterns of consumer responses to email marketing messages throughout the work day, and compiled their findings in this snazzy infographic.

Some interesting takeaways:

  • The “best” time to send depends entirely on what it is you’re promoting. Financial service emails perform best in the afternoon (2pm – 5pm), while holiday and B2B promotions do better in the early evening (5pm – 7pm). Promotions for personal items are best sent later in the evening (7pm – 10pm).
  • People also tend to open and respond to emails at the beginning of the work day (9am – 10am), regardless of what they’re promoting.
  • The worst times to send out promotional emails are around lunchtime (10am – 2pm) and late night/early morning (10pm – 9am).

email send time infographic