Technology in MarketingIn a world where millions of Americans use their computers, tablets, and smartphones to do all their reading, shopping, and research, it’s more important than ever for small businesses to embrace and make use of technology. It’s true that some small business owners prefer to keep things as technology-free as possible in hopes of maintaining simplicity, but failing to make technology your marketing ally means you’re missing some opportunities. Here are a few ways to make technology a part of your marketing strategy.

Add another Monitor

Adding a secondary monitor to your business computers can really help improve employee productivity. If you create your own marketing materials, this can prove especially useful, as it allows you to review designs on one monitor and provide feedback on the other one. Even if you don’t create your own marketing materials, having an extra screen available is sure to make customer transactions easier, as it prevents you from dealing with several open windows on one monitor.

Go Mobile

With more than a billion smartphone users in the world, more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to find businesses. Marketing to this tech-savvy population is essential, as it is ever increasing, and one of the best ways to do that is to create a mobile website that tablet and smartphone users can view easily from their devices.

Think Apps

If you’ve ever heard the saying “there’s an app for that,” you’re not alone, and this statement couldn’t be more true in today’s constantly growing mobile society. A recent study by Adobe Systems Inc.’s Adobe Scene7 found that, while two-thirds of users polled prefer shopping on the mobile Web instead of through apps, they prefer mobile games, social media, maps, and mobile commerce in the form of an app, as there is a sense of security that accompanies installing an app on one’s phone.[1] In fact, according to the comScore 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report, 47.6 percent of US mobile users access their content through mobile apps, compared to 47.5 percent who use mobile browsers.[2]

Engage Your Customers

One of the best ways to use technology to engage your customers is through social media venues like Facebook and Twitter. You’d be surprised by how many potential customers you’ll reach by creating a Facebook fan page and sharing some interesting information about your industry with your followers. In fact, social media marketing statistics indicate that 81 percent of all marketers have seen their social media marketing efforts generate exposure for their businesses. Adding online coupons is also an excellent marketing tool. Additionally, tweeting regularly can help you gain followers, which, in turn, may become customers as they develop a sense of loyalty to your business.

While technology may not be the “magic bullet” that can solve all your business’ problems, when used well, it can really help. Whether you’re hoping to simply increase your customer base or want to create an entirely new online presence, embracing technology can really help you stay ahead of the game.