This month we surveyed small businesses, asking them 7 basic questions about their advertising/marketing strategy right now and for the next 12 months. These are all local businesses across the U.S., and we found the results interesting, so we wanted to share the details.

1. Thinking about all the companies you buy advertising from, which of the following media types do you currently purchase?

Which types of advertising do you buy?

2. Approximately how much do you spend annually on all media types?

Average Annual Spend Per Media Type

3. Approximately what percentage of your advertising budget do you spend on each type of media?

What percentage of your advertising budget do you spend on each type of media?

4. How well do these media types meet your expectations?

How well do these types of media meet your expectations?

5. Which single advertising method works best?

Which single advertising method works best?

6. How will your spending change on these media types over the next 12 months?

How will your spending change in the next 12 months?

7. How likely are you to purchase any of the following media types in the next 12 months?

Which of these types of media are you VERY LIKELY to purchase in the next 12 months?

Some comments from our survey respondents:

Why do you think Paid Search works best? 

Always on the first page.

Because the business has control over when, to whom and in what searches any particular ad is shown.  It’s customized.

I get the most qualified buyers and the most of them.

Why do you think Online (organic) works best? 

I think more people have access and know how to search online. Many don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts.

I think in our business that is where people looking to find what we offer go first.

Word of mouth is best, but when asked our customers say nine times out of ten, they found us by an internet search.

Why do you think Social Media works best? 

This is where it is going and IF YOUR DEMOGRAPHICS IS UNDER 50 that is where to go.

Narrowly targeted to age, demographics, etc.

Better results!

Why do you think the Print Phone Book works best? 

Because it still does seem to out sell the others.

I just get good response….I think the older folks in my area are not technology users.

I sometimes ask new customers where they got our number and they usually say the phone book.

Why do you think Mobile works best? 

Ours is an emergency business. People search and then call from their phones.

People search with smart phones.