According to a recent Emarys survey of 2,120 US adults aged 18 or older, nearly half of respondents (48 percent) said TV advertisements are still the most influential in their decisions to purchase a product. The number was slightly higher for those aged 18-34 at 56 percent compared to respondents aged 65 and older who made up 37 percent.

So, what impact do other channels have on consumer buying? Print ads came in second at 38 percent while email marketing closely trailed at 35 percent.

Among those who cited email as the most influential, 57 percent said they want to be emailed when a sale or promotion is being offered and nearly half said they want to be contacted when a product they’ve been researching is offered at a lower price. Women were found to be more open than men about receiving emails from a company.

When constant spamming occurs 65 percent said they unsubscribe from all emails, 14 percent said they shop a competitor and 6 percent said they post a negative review or rant on social media. Men were more likely than women to post a rant on social media (19 percent vs. 3 percent respectively).

Other interesting findings follow:

  • 22 percent said social media ads were persuasive (highest among those aged 18-34)
  • Only 12 percent agreed that mobile ads had an influence on buying decisions

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When Do Consumers Want to Hear From Retailers?”. 10/6/2015.