This new infographic from Internet Marketing Inc. does a great job of explaining what Google’s Author Rank is and how important it is for any business person/blogger who publishes content online. We’ve covered this topic before, including an explanation of how to set up Google Authorship and why it’s important, as well as the benefits of establishing Google Authorship for small businesses.

In a nutshell:

  • Authorship is actually the mechanics behind connecting you to your work online (process outlined here)
  • Author Rank is the part of Google’s search algorithm that takes authorship into account when deciding how to display search results
  • Establishing authorship gives authority and authenticity to your voice online, regardless of where your work is published
  • Your work is highlighted online in search results that include your photo, a link to your G+ profile, and links to other works you have published, increasing clickthrough rates by up to 150%
  • Google loves attributing content to real people, and gives preferential treatment to those who have gone the extra mile to establish authorship
Facts Behind Google Author Rank & Authorship [Infographic]