For general contractors, particularly roofers, it’s the busiest time of year. Storm season.

Unfortunately, even when consumers know they need your help (it’s hard to ignore a leaky roof), local roofing businesses often struggle to stand out against the competition.

That’s because consumers’ homes aren’t the only things that are saturated after a big storm. So is the roofing business market, where just about any roofer has a fair shot at attracting customers who need help.

But while other roofers flub their measurements, use cheap materials, and forgo proper licensing so they can underbid you on projects, you rely on fair business practices and honest work to pay the bills.

So how do you compete?

We sat down with entrepreneur Chris Carvajal, owner of South Edge Construction in Jacksonville, Florida to pick his brain. According to Chris, his highest priority is doing right by his clients. He says that’s exactly what helps him grow his company and protect his name.

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A Sneak Peek

South Edge Construction focuses on roofing repairs and roofing replacements. But they’re also general contractors, so they don’t leave customers in a lurch if they need help with gutters, pressure washing or siding repairs that commonly accompany roofing jobs.

But achieving the high level of customer service Chris aims for is easier said than done.

To ensure he has happy customers, Chris only uses contractor partners he knows he can trust. And, compared to larger roofing companies that handle north of 100 jobs a month, South Edge Construction keeps their workload more contained to about 10-15 jobs a month.

Chris says, “The more you do right for clients, the cost per acquisition goes down.” Basically, by leaving customers happy after the first job, they’ll come back again and again. The bigger his client list, less he’ll have to pay for marketing to attract new customers.

Chris says, “The more you do right for clients, the cost per acquisition goes down.”

Already feel good about your client list? Don’t stop there.

This episode of “Winning on Main Street” touches on:

  • Tips for proactively generating more online reviews
  • Ideas for what to post on social media
  • How software can help roofers share documents and images

Pro tip: Successful roofers also love using online listings to generate leads. Check out our recent blog to learn how.

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