Social sharing is not just for fun anymore, it’s being used more and more by millennials who share content about the local businesses they frequent. This movement is due in large part to advances in mobile device technology, like better cameras, larger screens and the ability to transfer and stream larger files.

In a recent white paper, BIA/Kelsey took a closer look at social sharing and its impact on local businesses. What follows is a high-level summary from their report.

  • A science has developed that centers around how social sharing can be used as a marketing tactic for large and small businesses
  • User-generated content can boost the social presence of a local business
  • Social sharing is especially prevalent for restaurants whose patrons snap pictures of their meals and share across their social network. This happens often throughout the “foodie” culture.
  • Social content formats are evolving with more video starting to emerge, including recorded and live video
  • Media and tech companies who work with local clients will benefit greatly to keep an eye out for new techniques in social sharing

Find out how to obtain your copy of the report or download the Table of Contents or Executive Summary for free here.


Boland, Mike. “BIA/Kelsey Insight Paper: Social Sharing Goes Local”. 7/2/2015.