The world today is more connected than ever thanks to the Internet, smart devices and other modern conveniences, like social media. This is great news for business owners large and small because they now have more ways to reach their target audiences.

Although social media is still a fairly new tool for business, a recent study by Pew Research shows a significant rise in usage over the past decade. Just as one might suspect, the largest increase in usage is by young persons aged 18-29, but the research shows increases by all age groups.

But, that is not the only significant finding—the study also unveiled the following:

  • 90 percent of respondents aged 18-29 use social media
  • Only 35 percent of respondents over age 50 use social media on a regular basis
  • Usage was up 76-78 percent among those with college educations who make $75k per year or more
  • Usage was up 54-56 percent among those making $30k or less annually and those with a high school diploma or less

With this recent data in mind, small businesses can come up with the best strategies for reaching their customers, young and old.


McFarland, JoAnn. “Social Media Usage Nearly 10 Times Higher Than a Decade Ago”. 10/19/2015.