Information sharing via smartphones and tablets increased by more than 30 percent during the second quarter of this year, further confirming that this year is what ShareThis describes as “a mobile tipping point.”

ShareThis, a social data and sharing tool provider revealed a sharing growth of 27.8 percent for smartphones and a 3.5 percent sharing growth for tablets, when compared to 2014’s first quarter, which was based on its network data of more than 2 million United States publishers. Desktop sharing dropped by 5.5 percent in the second quarter.

ShareThis data indicated growth numbers—as well as June 2014 comScore estimates reported by CNet—that reveal that 60 percent of total digital media time was occupied on mobile devices in May 2014. This represents a 50 percent increase over 2013 and confirms that mobile is gaining speed, which is positive news for Pinterest and Twitter.

In fact, according to ShareThis data, 75 percent of all of pins and 71 percent of tweets originated with smartphones and tablets:

  • 63% from smartphone and 8% tablet for Twitter
  • 52% from smartphone and 23% from tablet for Pinterest

This means that mobile users are pinning and tweeting three and two times as often, respectively, when compared to desktop users.

Mobile stock is increasing and the rate of mobile acceptance has been astounding; however, while the so-called “Year of Mobile” is gaining traction, some consumers have not embraced mobile as expected, according to ShareThis. Consumers sharing behaviors appear to depend on the operating system. For example, Android users tend to use Facebook, while iOS users seem to prefer Pinterest and Twitter. ShareThis offers a few suggestions. Facebook is the ideal location for sharing information about politics and parenting, Twitter is the go-to place for business and sports topics, and Pinterest tends to favor shopping. What’s more, mobile users are about twice as likely to become involved with CPG (consumer packaged goods) content when compared to any other category.

Tablets are also becoming more and more popular with older users. In fact, tablet sharing in the 55 and older crowd increased nearly two-fold in the past quarter, and the same group drove 43 percent of all tablet social activity; 21 percent shared on smartphones and 34 percent, on desktop. In other demographics, social engagement on mobile devices increased by 13 percent among African Americans and 6 percent among Hispanics.

Aside from going mobile and understanding your audience, ShareThis suggests businesses broaden their channels to match the diversification being seen in social media. Social media is no longer only about FaceBook; Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, and others are gaining recognition and users. Also, be sure to align content and understand how information feeds, as well as which devices lend themselves to the human touch, such as tablets, which enable finger swiping. Be sure to understand the various channels and devices and how they work so that media and content strategies may be best aligned. And, finally, be sure to engage your shoppers when they are in the store. This will serve to increase the likelihood of gaining their interest at the height of “purchasing consideration,” notes ShareThis.


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