Smartphone use on the job may not be the productivity drain that many employers once believed. According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive, those workers who use their smartphones and similar technology save their employers approximately $12,000 in productivity, based on an average of employee wages. These savings are realized through time saved using a variety of mobile apps, including email, GPS, text apps, and web browsing functions.

According to the Gil Bouchnik, VP of Mobility at Clicksoftware who sponsored the research, “…it has been eye-opening to measure…its influence on modern America – and, certainly, specific professions that rely on mobility to support job performance have the potential to derive an even higher dollar figure than $12,000.”

He goes on to say, “…the exciting reality is today’s mobile technology innovation has only scratched the surface of its potential to propel success, both in personal life and in business.”

From a business perspective, the results are most encouraging. Employees who use smartphones indicate they use them for work related functions as well as personal needs. The research reported that 20 percent of those who use email and GPS apps use them exclusively for work, while a third reported using them equally for both personal and work related issues. One in five of those employees who indicated they use email apps for work believe they are extremely productive when using them.

In terms of increased productivity, the study revealed that using text apps saved workers over fifty minutes each day while email apps saved 35 minutes.

This “trend…is sure to make workers demand this productivity in their workplace” Bouchnik said. He goes on to offer, “… organizations will seek out cost-effective solutions that…enhance their bottom line while supporting complete workflows required in the enterprise market.”


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