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The ‘Sharing Economy’ for Cars? Not So Fast

The ‘Sharing Economy’ for Cars? Not So Fast

By | 09.07.16
The ‘Sharing Economy’ for Cars? Not So Fast

A lot has been made about Uber, the ride-sharing company, as a model for disruption in all kinds of businesses (see Will Your Business Get ‘Uber-ed’?). But a new survey of car buyers by TECHnalysis Research, LLC, says that even on Uber’s home turf, the transportation business, things aren’t so disrupted yet.

Writing in Recode, Bob O’Donnell, founder of the research firm, described the findings of a survey of 1,000 consumers who expect to buy a car in the next two years:

  • 57% had never used a ride-share service, though the number rose to 32% for those under 35 who had recently used a Uber-style service.
  • Less than 1% see ride-share services replacing their cars.
  • 8% of of those surveyed say that the availability of ride-sharing services would affect their purchase of a car, though for urban dwellers, the number hit 14%. For suburbanites, 4%.

“It’s certainly possible that we’ll see some dramatic changes in opinion over the course of the next several years,” O’Donnell wrote, “but for now, the obsession over ‘cars as a service’ is definitely misplaced.”

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