In recent years, more and more people have participated in Small Business Saturday to support small business owners. In fact, 70% of consumers support local businesses by shopping online only, or a mix of online and in-store.

But if you thought Small Business Saturday was strictly for retailers, you thought wrong.

How can businesses that provide services get in on the action? We’re glad you asked. We’ve got how-tos and some compelling offers specifically designed for your industry to get you started.

57% of Americans say their main reason for shopping small is to keep money local.


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Remember Your Why

Small Business Saturday, while great for loyal customers, is an opportunity to draw in a crowd of fresh faces. So, what will those potential clients say about you? It’s time to tighten up the story of how your business came to be.

Now is the time to revisit the five “Ws” of your brand message. Ensure your offerings appeal to your intended audience, but also make sure to speak their language. Lean into why your services will make a difference for that audience.

When you’re working on gaining lifetime customers, authenticity matters. Don’t spend your Small Business Saturday attracting the wrong audience because you failed to stay true to your brand. Show off what makes your business stand out from the competition.

31% of Americans say they shop small because the business’ values align with their own.

Craft a Compelling Offer

If people care about your vision and what drives your company, they’ll support you. Use a standout offer to show them what you’re made of and thank them for giving you a shot.

Because Small Business Saturday, like other shopping holidays, is traditionally geared toward retail business, we’ve designed these offers to attract current and potential customers.

  • Fitness studios: Half-price classes today only
  • Locksmith: Free keyless entry install with purchase of a keyless lock
  • Roofer: Interest-free financing for 6 months on services if an inspection booked today
  • Landscaper: 25% off tree trimming
  • Home organization company: Free in-person consultation
  • Travel agency: 25% off packages booked today
  • Wedding planning: 25% off planning services for deposits paid this week

Spread the Word

Now that you’ve got a vision, get the information out there. The options are endless. You can go digital or physical. Special alert: Direct mail isn’t dead! It’s all about choosing what’s best for you.

Direct Mail Marketing

This method might feel dated but it has its perks. Unlike emails, direct mail can be kept in the home, in plain view, for days if not months. Think of them as micro-billboards to keep your business top of mind.

And if they miss your Small Business Saturday sale, but see the mailer they pinned to the fridge, they’ll likely visit your website or social when they’re ready for your services.

Just make sure your Google Business Profile is updated and optimized so they can engage with you.

Email Marketing

We’ve learned the “spray-and-pray” approach of sending mass emails is far from a safe plan. Taking time to create segmented lists has proven more effective.

So, if there’s a specific service you’re highlighting this Small Business Saturday, go into your customer relationship management tool to check the tags.

Send personalized emails to clients who’ve used this service in the past. Doing it with automation will cut out a great deal of the work.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fun and creative way to showcase your upcoming sales. If you want to boost your engagement, we’ll let you in on a secret: Use in-app features.

In fact, experts believe in-app features trigger the network’s algorithm to increase visibility (impressions) and ultimately boost engagement. If you’re feeling fancy, why not spend a few bucks on sponsored posts? Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

Service Businesses Can Rock Small Business Saturday

Now you have several ways to make Small Business Saturday work for your service-based business this year.

But keep in mind the most critical part — keeping in touch with the Small Business Saturday customers you’ve gained. Remember, you’re snagging customers for life.

Not sure how to keep up with this influx of customers? We’ve got you covered. Click here to discover how we can exceed your needs.

Modern Small Business Playbook

Modern Small
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