search engine marketing

Adding PPC (pay per click) to your digital marketing plan can be a great strategy. However, roofing keywords tend to have high competition and a high cost per click—roofing terms, on average, run between $12 and $20 per click. This can get very expensive very quickly, but with good campaign structure, proper keywords, and the proper Google settings, PPC can be very profitable for your business.

Use Longtail Keywords to Lower Costs

Using longer keywords that are more specific will help control your spend. Instead of just using “roofers” try “roofers in dallas”, etc. This will also narrow the search down to just your location. Keep your keywords as specific as possible. This will ensure that your traffic is both higher in quality and cheaper.

Lower Your Ad Position

Focus on position 3 or 4 instead of being at the very top to save money. Everyone thinks you have to be in the top spot on Google AdWords to be successful. But the 3rd or 4th positions, which are on the top right side, are just as successful and will cost you much less than that top spot.

Set Your Geography Location Close

People choose local businesses based how close they are. You don’t want to pay for clicks for people who live in another state or even hours away. This can be one of the biggest ways to save money on PPC advertising. You can set your geographic location by region, zip code, or radius targeting. This will enable your ad to only show in the places that you select.

Select the Right Keywords

Make sure you are bidding on keywords that are not equipment or materials but the actual services you offer. You don’t want to be bidding and paying for keywords that are unrelated to your business.

Schedule Your Ads

Use the ad scheduling feature. You can select the time of day you want your ad to be featured. For small local businesses, it is best to only have your ad running when your office is open. This helps clicks turn into leads and then sales. If customers call and gets no answer, most will be unlikely to leave a message. Instead, they’ll just call the next business on their list.

Market Your Promotions

Include specials and features in your ads. You want to stand apart from your competitors and their ads. Consumers are more likely to click on your ad if they can save money, as long as you’re offering them what they’re looking for.