Bring on the va-va-voom! It’s time to ramp up your salon or spa for the holiday season. And that means more than playing your cheerful (though often despised by stylists and staff) holiday music over the loudspeaker. It also means preparing for a rush of clients needing last-minute holiday services and treatments.

Here are 4 ways to prep your salon or spa for the seasonal rush.

Are you ready?

1. Anticipate trends.

If any local business owner knows trends, it’s you. You’re up with the latest and greatest in all things beauty, fashion and flawlessness.

So whatever you need to keep in stock to accommodate these holiday trends, do. That may mean beefing up your inventory of styling products, adding glitter to your next purchase order, or stocking up on extensions for holiday hairdos.

2. Offer appointments outside of your normal hours.

Ask your staff if anyone would benefit from a bit of overtime or additional work during the holiday season. Many will jump on the opportunity to make a little extra cash.

And for your clients, additional appointment opportunities during the evenings and weekends will ease the burden of having to fit an appointment into their busy schedule.

3. Send a reminder text and email soon, warning your customers that bookings are getting full.

No matter how many holiday seasons come and go, it just doesn’t seem to register for folks that they’ll need to book appointments further out during this busy time. Instead of getting annoyed or frustrated by demanding clients, mitigate the issue with a quick reminder.

For this type of message, text is best. But whether it’s via email or text message, try to send something fun, helpful, short and sweet. Something like:

  • “Need to tame your mane before Santa comes to town? Book now before we fill up!”
  • “Holiday shopping got you tense? Book your holiday de-stress massage today before appointments are full!”
  • “Don’t let the holiday stress show this month. Get in now for your facial refresher before we run out of slots!”

4. Offer holiday gifts.

Every salon or spa owner knows (all too well) that layer of dust that collects on top of the styling products you sell in-store. Not during the holiday season! Invest in some inexpensive gift baskets and flashy bows, and bundle slower-moving products into holiday gifts. Offer discounts on these gift baskets when someone comes in for a service in-store, and promote the discounts via emails, social media and print materials like window clings.

Don’t forget everyone’s favorite – gift cards! Customize gift cards or gift certificates with seasonal designs. Then, offer these verbally at the end of sessions, and place them conspicuously around your store.

Bonus Tip: Send a holiday card with a handwritten note.

That’s right, a handwritten note.

This may seem frivolous or like a lot of work, but the payoff can be huge. What about folks who haven’t remembered to make their holiday appointments? You’ve gotten their attention. People who may have come in once and forgotten how awesome you were? You’ve gotten their attention. Happy customers you want to keep happy? You’ve gotten their attention.