adwords_2014Google has released multiple features and updates through 2014. It seems to be constantly evolving and changing as Google has us our toes to constantly keep up. In 2014 it was no different; Google released multiple changes, taking away options we liked… and implementing new features that have helped. Luckily, none of the changes were quite as sweeping as the enhanced campaigns of 2013, which caused a nightmare for many PPC marketers last year.

Changes for 2014 Included:

Callout Ad Extensions:

Callout extensions are much like sitelink extensions. They let you create additional text to market your product and inform your consumer details about the product or promotion. Callout extensions aren’t clickable like sitelinks, but they have proven to boost CTRs with the additional information.

Close Variant Matching:

Keyword match types previously included phrase, exact, broad and broad modified, but Google also added close variants to exact and phrase match. That means words that are close variants, plural, acronyms, and abbreviations are now included in exact and phrase match. Before it had to be the exact word as it is spelled. This allows more search terms to trigger your ad but it also requires more work, such as adding more negatives.

Dynamic Sitelinks:

Google will now automatically insert sitelinks for the top 3 ads on Google. Google picks the sitelinks based on previous high traffic search results. These dynamic sitelinks are free and do not charge against your ad when someone clicks on the link. Google does let you disable the option if you choose.

Website Call Conversions:

Now Google can track call conversions when people click on your ad and go to your website. By inserting a Google forwarding number on your website, Google can track all calls made from clicking the ad and track them like they do all other conversions.

These were just a few of the changes made in 2014; many others were made for Display Network and PLAs. Google takes over 75% of the search engine marketplace,so many who use Google AdWords don’t have many other options other than to simply embrace Google’s changes.

As for 2015???

Many ask what should we expect for 2015? Unfortunately we can only guess as only Google knows. The only thing we know is Google will be making changes at a fast pace and we will anxiously be waiting.