Of course you’ve heard about reputation management, but do you know how important it is when determining a business’s success for years to come? Online reputation management can be just as important or even more so than SEO and SEM.

You can always count on a customer or employee to voice their experience online via several different platforms, such as Glassdoor, Yelp, Angie’s list, Ripoff Report and Consumer Affairs, just to name a few. Although the reviews or complaints may not be flattering most of the time, it still allows the company the opportunity to engage with the customer/employee in a timely manner and if possible, work to address and resolve their concerns.

This is where that secret weapon (Reputation Management) comes into play. Most customers, even though they may not be happy due to a bad experience, are usually receptive to a prompt response online from a company representative offering an apology and also offering to assist and work towards a resolution. Prospective employees and customers will also see this and say to themselves, “This business has some problems like all do, but look how serious they are about responding and addressing issues when brought to their attention.”

If a business utilizes online reputation management to its fullest extent, it won’t take long to see the benefits. Remember, it’s not always about the initial complaint because most people realize that complaints are just part of doing business, but it’s more so about the response time and resolution. Be relentless in your search and peruse the web regularly to ensure that all complaints and reviews for your business are being responded to in a timely manner and work to resolve to the customer’s satisfaction.