It’s common knowledge nowadays that many marketers are earmarking a portion of their advertising budgets for digital advertising. In fact, many CMOs predict companies will devote three-quarters of their marketing spend on digital advertising in the near future. But is this indicative of how much online advertising really influences purchasing decisions? The latest Marketing Debrief from MarketingCharts attempts to answer this question.

The Debrief is comprised of 15 charts and tables featuring data from survey research conducted largely by MarketingCharts, from other leading providers and public data. It examines the influences of various ad channels across a range of demographic groups. The results were somewhat surprising.

Even though online channels like social media and search engine ads are gaining popularity among many demographic groups, TV advertising was found to be the most influential. Even more surprising – traditional advertising channels were found still very effective among millennials, the group most likely to respond to digital advertising.

Still, online advertising is gaining momentum in terms of audience recall and stated intent to purchase. Learn more about the Marketing Debrief.


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