Today’s always-on culture may pay off for retailers who send push notifications, especially those who target Millennials. Not only do Millennials rely heavily on their devices, they also use location-based apps more than any other generation and they are brand loyal. According to a recent survey by Retale, this is great news for small business.

The survey polled 500 Millennials and the results were as follows:

  • 84 percent said they act on push notifications
  • 89 percent admitted they’d take action if they received a notification from a favored brand
  • 94 percent said they use location-based apps frequently

So, what types of information do they want to be notified about?

  • 61 percent said coupons and discounts
  • 61 percent want to know about customer rewards
  • 35 percent stated product and sales information
  • 35 percent want to hear about nearby locations and store hours
  • 27 percent want to receive sales receipts
  • 16 percent would like in-store guidance

When are push notifications not effective among Millennials?

  • When the information pushed is not relevant – 39 percent
  • When notifications are intrusive – 34 percent
  • When there are too many – 25 percent
  • When notifications are poorly timed – 11 percent


Elkin, Noah. “Getting Pushy with Notifications Can Pay Off with Millennials”. 10/26/2015.