Consumers surveyed by respected market research firm BIA/Kelsey said they now turn to online search more than word of mouth for local shopping information, though they still rate friends and family as the most trustworthy information sources on local businesses. Online search also beat word of mouth for follow-through to a purchase.

Some other signs from the survey about how to attract local shoppers this holiday season:

  • 94% said they went online to research or make a local purchase in the previous 6 months.
  • Close to 60% had made a local purchase online.
  • 32% said they were using social media more compared to a year ago for local shopping purposes.
  • Consumers reported they are on an average of 8.8 contact lists from local businesses.
  • Score one for tradition: Print coupon use beat out online and mobile coupon use 49% to 40%.

For more findings from the BIA/Kelsey consumer survey, check out the infographic below. Click on the image for a larger version.

BIA Kelsey Consumer Survey Infographic